21 July 2010

something good

If I haven't said it before: I really love this doctor. When I was measuring "big" for the third consecutive appointment yesterday, this is what she said:

Yep, you're measuring kind of big. But here's why I'm not worried about it.
(For those of you who haven't been pregnant or don't know what it means to "measure big", here's a brief explanation: for each week of gestation, the uterus is supposed to grow approximately 1 cm. So, at 29 weeks, my uterus should be measuring 29 cm. Yesterday, I was measuring 37. Yikes!!)
(I kind of laugh at "supposed to" anymore. Any number of variables can effect a woman's size during pregnancy)
And from here she explained with how Ewan is positioned (with his head not in the pelvis, but up higher and nearer to the hip), that could add as much as 5-6 cm. When we asked about the possibility of extra amniotic fluid (which is common in babies with certain types of birth defects) she explained that sometimes that does happen, but she is usually able to tell by appearance. Women who have the extra fluid tend to look "dough-y" in the belly and it's hard to feel baby parts. I can tell you, as did she, that it'd easy to pick out this little guy's elbows, knees, and feet. The belly is tight, and it is hard (at least the right side of my belly, where Ewan lives, is tight and hard. The left side is a bit softer, woefully uninhabited as it is).

She expects this to normalize in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn't, then we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Have I mentioned how much we love this doc and her manner? Yes, nothing but love here!

And here's the really good part. She told us that after speaking with the head of the NICU at the hospital where we will be delivering Ewan, that he is completely comfortable with discharging us together, meaning: they can get Ewan hooked up to the medicine he will need and stabilize him there. Once I'm ready to be discharged after recovering from delivery, then we can transfer to Children's Hospital.

I can't tell you how amazing it is to know that we will have that time -- that he won't be whisked away right after he's born!! It's a comfort to this mama's heart to know that at least we can have that time together. :o)


Nonny Baby said...

Kirsten, that is WONDERFUL news! I am so glad to hear that you'll be going through this WHOLE thing by his side and he by yours. Yeah for Ewan!

Melissa said...

Yay!!! Oh I can feel the Lord just blessing you so abundantly. So excited to meet Ewan!!!

Shay said...

what a wonderful blessing that you can all be together, loving on each other! so happy for you all!

Unknown said...

It is so reassuring to know that you are in such great hands! Yay! What a blessing. keeping you close to my heart.

Sarah said...

So sweet to have a doc who not only cares but hears you and your concerns and tells you the truth to the best of her ability. It eases my heart for you, knowing you have someone like this on your side ;)

Stefenie said...

I measured larger with my first born and it was because he was breached. thankfully he got turned down into the right position before birth.

Saying many prayers that your birth plan can remain in place for no discharge for you guys until you are both ready.

Jen said...

That is wonderful news! It is always hard to leave the hospital without them. We camped out in the hospital for almost the entire 5 weeks Andrew was there! I just couldn't leave without him.

Praying things work out in the next couple weeks with the measurements! :) Glad you love your doctor- that is so important. She sounds awesome!

Jen said...

Love that "really good part"! Thank you, Jesus!