10 September 2010

Meet Auntie Kaari

This is my younger sister Kaari (her name rhymes with "sorry"). I think she's rather fabulous. And I've never (and I mean never) met another person so excited about being an aunt.

James and I toured the NICU at Seattle Children's Hospital yesterday. I've never been to a children's hospital, but I was impressed with how unlike a hospital it felt (i.e., my blood pressure did not go through the roof when I walked through the door, like it tends to when I enter most medical establishments). People were excited for us to meet our first baby. I didn't feel odd or like a pariah for being pregnant with a baby that has ToF. There were brightly colored murals everywhere, and everyone who worked there smiled. It felt like a hopeful place.

We learned that amongst the many and various resources available, we can connect to wireless internet while we're there. We are definitely planning on taking one of our laptops with us so we can provide regular updates (and pictures!) as we're able. But I wanted to let you know that Auntie Kaari might be dropping in at Team-Ewan.com from time to time, offering not only the updates on Baby Ewan's condition (and ours), but also a different perspective on the matter. She loves her nephew to the moon and back already, so I know she will do an awesome job. She's definitely ready to spoil him rotten!


Nadine said...

I love that pic! She's so pretty! :) I'm really glad you had a good experience at the NICU! Can't wait to see all those pics and read updates! I can't believe it's coming so soon! Ah!

Melissa said...

Yeah Auntie Kaari!!!! I KNOW her.... I KNOW her... (replace that with Buddy the Elf's voice) hehe.. Looking forward to reading her posts!

Katie said...

I forgot to mention that you have internet service throughout the hospital- although we had trouble on the floor with it so bring a cable, we had to plug ours in while there. Your sister is cute and what a blessing to have her "on-board" with being a Heart Auntie!!! Not all family is that supportive :) Count it as a blessing! So glad the tour went well...Children's is absolutely awesome. We don't have enough good things to say about that place and the wonderful people who work there. You're in great hands. I promise.
Heart hugs,

Danielle said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog; we truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers...they are all that is getting us through this difficult journey right now.
I just wanted to let you know that your family and sweet little Ewan are on my mind often and always in my prayers! Praying for a "non-eventful" delivery and for Ewan to just sail through all that he will encounter after his birth, with no complications.
The main advice I can offer from recently going down the same path is don't feel bad questioning Doctors and nurses, even multiple times if you feel that something may not be right. Ewan is your little guy and you know him better than anyone else...go with your gut; oftentimes it's right. (I can also say that these Children's hospitals are wonderful and you are in fantastic hands!)
Sending thoughts and prayers of comfort and strength your way...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Auntie Kaari! Being an Aunt is an awesome experience and what a journey you are about to take with Ewan. Step on that road and never look back. I truly would not trade this journey for anything (other than having my child suffer pain)

There are no words to describe what your heart will experience the first time you see Ewan's precious face. Be prepared to be wrapped around all ten fingers (and toes) immediately.

Shannon Egan

Jen said...

I have been catching up on blogs tonight...finally! I'm so glad you toured and had a good feeling about the hospital. It is so important for it to feel like "home," because it will be your home for a while anyway! I am sorry I missed the tips and advice post- being back at work full time has me slacking on blogs, which I hate because I love reading them! :( Anyway, mostly I can just tell you to try hard to be strong because the days can be so difficult. It is hard seeing your baby so helpless and you can do nothing. Just remember they sense you and your feelings. I just encourage you to have private moments with Ewan...sing to him, talk to him and pray over him. It made me feel so at peace when I spent time with Andrew like that. Also, be his advocate! Don't be afraid to speak up and let the doctors/nurses know what you think Ewan needs. Remember YOU are his mommy, and your mommy instinct is rarely wrong! It just comes natural- it is amazing. :) And wonderful. Anyway, there's my 2 cents! Sorry it was late.

I need to get your baby shower note out too... just haven't had the time yet but I plan to!

Thinking of you always!


Stacy said...

What a great picture of Kaari! Being an auntie is the best role God has blessed me with yet! I certainly do not know what you and James are experiencing as parents, knowing that your baby boy is going to be in the NICU, but I know what it's like to be an auntie of two nieces as patients there. I will never forget seeing my oldest niece in the NICU, just an hour or so after her birth. I was so overwhelmed with love for this little life that I was meeting for the first time. I had not expected that. A week after she was born, everyone except mommies, daddies, and grandparents were locked out of the NICU because of the start of RSV season. I would still go and stand at the window, hoping to catch even a glimpse of her feet or hands. It was a long two months before I got to hold her for the first time when she came home. Spoil away, Kaari! It's an auntie's duty!