03 August 2011

17 weeks pregnant!

Compared to my first with pregnancy, this one seems to be flying by! I can't believe I'm nearly to the halfway point -- the point at which we'll be able to learn if Ewan has a little brother or sister in my belly.

17 weeks (3 August 2011)

Things have been progressing pretty normally. We just started feeling the baby move around (a lot), and the belly is definitely growing! I haven't gotten sick at all for a couple of weeks, and my energy levels are really good. I've been working out pretty regularly (I took about a 10 week break when I was getting sick 3-5 times a day and just wanted to sleep all the time) since I got here, and am feeling good.

We weren't sure what James' health insurance through work would cover in terms of a care provider, but I was delighted to learn that we can go to a midwife. I had an amazingly wonderful OB in Washington (who I would definitely be seeing again for this pregnancy if we were still there), but for a lot of reasons -- which I'll explain in a trilogy of upcoming posts -- we chose to seek to care of a midwife this time around.

The papa loves the belly

We haven't had any ultrasounds yet, but we're hoping and trusting that everything with this little one is heart-healthy and in other respects, a-OK.

Other than that, James is working hard and I'm keeping plenty busy at home keeping on top of laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and of course, unpacking. Since I've been here, I've already had the opportunity to share Ewan's story in a way that I hope will reach a lot of people. I'll share when I have more specific information on that.

So, things here are humming right along! I'll share more on baby Petermann as we find out more ...