29 August 2011

And the winners are ...

Thank you all so much for your entries and comments on the previous post. It was amazing to hear from you how this music has touched you, who you'd like to encourage with it, and some of your own stories of heartache and victory. I count it a privilege to have been able to read them all, and to have such caring and generous people as readers.

There were 60 comments on the post, each eligible to win. Random.org selected 3 winners. Drumroll please, and join me in congratulating the following winners!

Number 9: Christianne
Number 51: Tyler & Cathie
Number 58: Shannon Egan

Congratulations to you all!! The album will be available in the coming week or two and will be mailed directly to your address. Please send your shipping address to me at kirsten116 [at] gmail [dot] com, and the album will be shipped directly to you.

Thanks again to all who participated. I am honored to be able to share something like this with you, to hear your hearts and your stories, and to find so many who want to encourage others with this music. Bless you all, and happy listening!!


melifaif said...

Congrats to the winners and may peace and comfort be with you all! Much love and many blessings.


p.s. I am totally picking up the album because of YOU.....and Ewan, of course! Take care....

Carrie Johnson said...

I just listened to a bit of the song and I must say not much brings me to well with instant tears. But this did.
It has been a long 8 years loving my daughter Emily, but I love her with all of me!