05 September 2011

Baby #2 :: The Big Reveal

Good morning!!

For today's post, I'm doing something brand new for me -- a vlog. Crazy, I know (and now you'll probably see why I stick to writing!). It's big news, so I thought it deserved to be announced in an extra special way. Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and prayers while we waited for this ultrasound, and for all the votes in the Team Pink/Team Blue poll. It looks like voters were predominantly in favor of Team Pink (321 out of 448 total votes, or 71.7%)., though there's a decent group pulling for Team Blue with 28.3% (or 127) of the votes. And I don't think there was a need to see here who is on Team Healthy Baby -- that was 100% of us, right?!

So ... we all want to know the answer to two questions: Is Baby #2 healthy? and Does Ewan have a little brother or little sister? Play the video to find out more ...

Baby #2 :: The Big Reveal from kirsten petermann on Vimeo.