28 September 2011

The Belly Report :: 25 Weeks Pregnant

It's Wednesday, and that means it's time for a bump update and the weekly photo of yours truly, who appears to have swallowed a beach ball (or at the very least, stuffed one under her shirt).

[The "Conversations" series will resume tomorrow with a topic that really gets me going. I'll be very interested to hear from anyone who has experience with the same thing. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed to the conversations on the Team Ewan page on Facebook -- I'm learning so much from you, love your stories, and appreciate the unique perspectives you all bring. And dare I say, it's been fun! It's great to hear from you -- many for the first time -- and to get to know some of you a bit better.]

[Oh, and thanks for your patience with our internet issues. We're still waiting to hear back from the only provider who hasn't said one way or the other that they don't service our area.]

25 weeks pregnant

We had our 24 week appointment this past Monday, and everything is as normal as can be. Yes!! I love getting to be a very normal and very boring pregnant lady. Baby's heart rate is great, everyone is measuring right on track, and I'm shocked at my weight gain -- or lack thereof, rather. I've gained just 2.5 pounds since my appointment last month for a grand total of 18. Not that I'm complaining -- it's just that in my pregnancy with Ewan, I put on at least two thirds of my total pregnancy weight gain in the first twenty weeks (even with all the offerings I was making at the "porcelain throne"), so this slow and steady stuff is taking me by surprise. Go figure!

And you know what I realized? I'll be in my third trimester by the time I have my next checkup in four weeks. Ah!! It's going by so fast!! (I have a feeling I'll be saying that lot).

Austen Brielle is still plenty active, and at most hours of the day. This morning she was holding a full-on dance party in my belly. I've been trying to get some good video of it for my family but she tends to get all shy on me as soon as the camera is on. I love feeling these not-so-little anymore bumps from the inside. Definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. But ha!! I outsneaked her and caught some of her antics on camera ...

In other news, my back has really been feeling this pregnancy. Even with all the yoga, stretching, and back exercises I've been doing, it seems like I'm feeling the strain more this time around. I'm adding heat to the regimen and am seeing a chiropractor, but am hoping I don't really have to go as often as they say to feel better. All those $20 co-payments really add up!

Since we're on the topic of backs, I should also add I finally figured out the pillow configuration that works best for me at night, and it's with less pillows instead of more. I realize this may sound very mundane, but for a lady whose hips, back, and neck have been hurting enough at night to keep me awake for a few hours a night the past 6-7 weeks, I'm pretty darn excited about it. I'm using the Boppy Prenatal Body Pillow, the Boppy Prenatal Wedge, as well as a regular pillow between my ankles, and one to wrap my right arm around as I sleep on my left side. It works really well as long as I don't feel an urgent need to turn over. The memory foam cover on our mattress is a lifesaver, too!

Sigh. A well-rested expectant mama is a happy one. We will see you all again soon!