06 October 2011

Remembering Joshua

Jill and I connected via Twitter after both of our baby boys were prenatally diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Our due dates were weeks apart, and as we each navigated territory that neither of us expected, we supported each other along the way.

Joshua and Ewan were born roughly a month apart. We talked back and forth about how great it would be for them to meet one day, and maybe go to summer camp together.

Jill was one of the people I called the night we said our goodbyes to Ewan. And a year ago today, she called to tell me that Joshua had followed Ewan to heaven. I won't say that I know "exactly how she feels" today, because I don't. But having just marked such an anniversary of our own, I will say that I know today is at the best a difficult one -- to be honest, an impossible one.

If so inclined, please stop by Jill's blog and send some love.