09 November 2011

The Belly Report :: 31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks!! Craziness. I must confess that I've been getting ahead of myself this week. Whenever anyone has asked me how far along I am, I've had to stop myself several times from saying "Almost 32 weeks." Woops, not quite. Color me eager, I suppose!! I guess I'm just trying to play catch up with the general public who all seem to think I'm about ready to pop a baby out.

31 weeks pregnant

And now begins the not-so-long haul until baby girl comes. But going out in public and coming home unscathed is getting harder. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "That's going to be a big baby!" or "Wow, must be any day now!" I would be able to fill the truck full of premium gasoline. It was fun at my midwife appointment this week to meet one of the student midwives that I haven't met yet. She said, "Wow, not due until January -- that's going to be a big baby!" One of the other student midwives (one we've been working with since we've been seeing this midwife) said, "I know that's what it looks like, but seriously -- go measure her belly. She's consistently measured exactly to the centimeter. Seriously -- go measure it!"

So when the other student midwife measured the belly, lo and behold -- this mama was measuring exactly on track for this stage of pregnancy (to the centimeter). The new student midwife said she wouldn't have believed it unless she had seen it herself.

And while we're talking about my midwife appointment (I'm starting to feel like a broken record here -- but I'm not complaining!!), things are continuing to progress perfectly normally. Blood pressure is good, weight gain is now at a total of 23.5 pounds (James keeps hoping I'll pass him, but I'm not sure that's going to happen!), and baby girl's heart rate continues to hang out in the 140s. So, so thankful.

baby clothes

Austen has gotten some more gifts this week. Oh my goodness, it's going to be so much fun to dress her up and put those squirmy legs and kicking feet into some adorable little leggings and socks! And let us not forget the adorable onesies and tops and pants. Since we never got to see Ewan in any clothing last time (at least not while he was alive), we are so going to cherish all those little things.

The nesting instincts have really paid off this week, too. The sun room is pretty much finished! We just need to hang the lanterns I bought and then it will be ready to photograph and share. I've been spending a lot of quiet time in there -- it is such a peaceful space. All we have left now to complete is the office which is by all accounts a total disaster area right now. But we are making progress! Hopefully it will all get done before she comes -- because I don't stand a chance of finishing once she's here (the fact that our office also doubles as a guest room is added motivation. My family plans on coming shortly after she arrives and they are going to need a place to sleep!).

P.S. Thanks for all the votes so far in the Baby Pool!! It's fun to see everyone's guesses. I know it's early on yet -- it will stay open until the little one comes. :o)