02 February 2012

About the pictures ...

I've gotten an e-mail or two about it and some of you may have noticed as well -- many of the pictures on the blog in posts just prior to Austen's birth are not displaying.

If we're connected on Facebook, you may have heard that I learned shortly before Austen's birth that someone was stealing my pregnancy pictures from Flickr and posting them as her own on a social networking site. In order to protect my work and prevent this person from stealing any more of my work, I immediately changed the permissions on all my pregnancy photos as well as all our photos of Ewan so that only trusted friends and family could see them. One of the consequences of this was that the photos that had already been posted in being unviewable -- just about every one going back to September 2010.

Ugh! :o/

Unfortunately, the only fix is for me to go through each and every post and replace the pictures individually. It's important to me that this gets done because Ewan's story and the photos that go with it are incredibly important to me, but as you might imagine with having a 2-week-old around, it's not quite as high on my priority list right now. It will get done eventually.

So I'm sorry for those of you who are coming here for the first time and missing the pictures that accompany our story. But I thank you for being here, and for putting up with the hiccups in spite of it. Thanks for your understanding!!