21 June 2010

baby cohen update

In an earlier post, I told you about sweet baby Cohen, who was born in Texas on June 7, 2010. He was born with a number of congenital heart defects, two of which were the same as Ewan has. He also had some others that, in conjunction with the other defects present, were very, very serious.

Baby Cohen

I've been following the blog only for about two weeks, but in that short span of time, I grew very attached to Brent and Megan's story, finding so many similarities with ours. There was so much resonance in the feelings she described, and those I experienced since Ewan's diagnosis. With thousands of others, I was praying for a miracle for baby Cohen. 

I learned today that Cohen passed from earthly life and into the arms of Jesus sometime over the last few days. I do not know any of the specifics. I grieve for them and with them, not being able to imagine the depths to which the loss of their son hurts. I also know that now is not the time for theologizing about why God permits these things to happen, or for talking about the good that might come out of this. Now is the time for tears, for hugs, and for grieving. Now is the time for prayers for these beautiful parents, who were models for us of perseverance and hope in spite of incredible odds.

Dear Jesus, welcome sweet Cohen into your everlasting kingdom. Mother Mary, please pray for these parents who fought for this child's life since before his conception. Help them in their grief, surround them with the love they need, and hold them close. Amen.


christianne said...

I am so, so sorry and sad to hear this news. I've been following little Cohen's story, too, since you shared it with all of us but hadn't heard the news until I saw that you shared it on FB just now.

Thanks for letting us know.

Jesus, have mercy and bring comfort. Amen.

terri said...

I've been in those nurseries with mothers and fathers saying goodbye to their babies. It's a holy, terrible place.

No words. Just groans from a deep place where only God can speak rightly.

Love to you and courage, my friend. And much love and strength to your new friends as they walk through this fire.

Sarah said...

Love to you.

Unknown said...

I just feel so much for that family. And my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to them, and to you.

Tea said...

Prayers, for this precious family and for you.