16 June 2010

for the nursery

I ran across this print on Etsy (a dangerous place indeed, even if you're not an expectant mother) a few days ago and knew that this belonged to Ewan. The print, by Marisa of Creative Thursday, is called You CAN Do It.

I saw these seven little friends with hands raised, cheering on Ewan, reminding him (and us) that he can pull through this. He's already proven himself a feisty and active one, and with the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and German heritages we're passing on to him, there's no doubt that he's got fighting blood in his veins.


"You CAN do it"

Click on the link above to go to the Creative Thursday shop @ Etsy and to check out more of Marisa's beautiful and whimsical work!!


Nadine said...

Awe! So cute!!! I LOVE ETSY! I try to refrain from looking, lol...if I look...I want ;0)

terri said...

yay! go ewan, go!

christianne said...

That is so adorable! And perfect for Ewan! Yay!

Tea said...

Oh, that is perfect! :)

Rebecca said...

i. love. it.

if that is team ewan, can i be that cute little bunny on the right?? =)

kirsten said...

Thanks, all!! I think it is quite perfect for him, too.

And Rebecca, I love the thought of this print representing "Team Ewan"!! Great idea!!

allie :^) said...

terrific pic! :)