05 July 2010

the ewan position

There are certain things about this pregnancy that I never want to forget, so I hope you don't mind if I journal about them a bit here. My Mom has talked about how, with my siblings and I, our personalities were evident even from the womb.

My older brother for example, was pretty chilled out in the womb. Rarely a squirmer or terribly active, he was just chill. And that's exactly how he is: laid back, chilled out, rarely does anything ruffle his feathers. My younger sister, it is told, "delivered herself." She made her entrance into the world quickly, and without the aid of the doctor or even the nurse. The water broke, and lo, there she was! And she still does things on her own terms. 

I was a stubborn baby. I was the only one to remain in the womb past her due date. And I liked to use my mother's ribs as a footrest. It is reported that I would stick my feet and toes up between her ribs, lodging them where (apparently) they were the most comfortable. Mom would try to shove them back down, and I would push them back up. This went on for some time. After I was born, Mom learned that my antics had torn cartilage and injured her ribs. I never really have been afraid to make a stink about things, have I? And I'll arrive when I'm good and ready.

I have a feeling that Ewan is no different. Allow me to demonstrate his position, one that he has maintained for the last several weeks.

Click on image to view larger

Ewan infinitely prefers the right side of the uterus. As far as I can tell, he has never ventured to the other side. The left side remains uninhabited. What's more, it seems that Ewan is more than ready to make his entrance. Oftentimes, I can feel him stretch to such lengths that it feels as though he is trying to as escape the womb early. When he does this, he also likes to stick out his bum, lodging it firmly into my right side. When he does this, my belly becomes noticeably lopsided. It's hilarious.

So, his feet. Yes, I knew this was going to happen. This is some kind of poetic justice or another! Ewan takes after his mother when it comes to his feet. We have had several instances of foot-rib contact which, on the upside, forces me into perfect posture so I can breathe and don't become too sore. From his head-down position, he kicks all over the place in the belly, often in the middle -- or the right side, or the left. It's really hilarious when his feet get going. It looks like someone stuck a wave machine in my belly.

And then there's his new thing. I think he's discovered how to use his hands and head for maximum impact. I can't tell for sure what kind of movement is taking place, but I think he might be head-banging and punching me in there. It's cute for now, seeing his little hands make waves in lower spots in my belly than we're used to seeing.

Then, there is what I call the baby body slam. Again, not sure what kind of movement is taking place here, but I can feel his whole body shift when he does this. He's quick about it, and what I feel is pretty dramatic. It's not a slow squirm or turn of the body, so much as it is him slamming (as much as one suspended in amniotic fluid can "slam") his body into some new position or other. Quite cute.

I am so thankful for all of this, really. I have my moments where I wonder if he's going to do a number on my ribs like I did on my Mom's. But I'm glad he's feisty. I will gladly take a little rib-breaker who isn't afraid to make a stink. I'm glad he's fighting in there, because he's going to need it. We're going to do our part, but I am counting on him giving Tetralogy of Fallot a 1-2 KO punch where it counts and showing doctors a little fighter such as they've never seen.

Keep punching, Ewan. Keep on kicking!

And then when we bring you home, please be nice to your Mama. :o)


Shay said...

I absolutely love this post! :) I loved reading how much he is moving and growing! you are going to have a lot of fun raising your son! enjoy all of his movements!

christianne said...

Ouch! I keep thinking about this experience you've been having with Ewan kicking his little feet and arms out ... I keep wondering if it's leaving you with bruised ribs, and that makes me feel phantom pains in my own ribs for you.

I'm glad that it's providing a lot of fun and entertainment for you. :)

It was fun to read how you and Peder and Kaari were during pregnancy and how that gave a glimpse into your real personalities. I'm not sure how I was in the womb, but my mom says that I was the quietest little baby in the crib, totally content to sit and rest and just "be" for however long was needed. I'd say that's a pretty accurate reading on who I am today. :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE hearing about how he moves . . . that's one of the (only) things I miss about being pregnant. There's something so special about being inhabited! And I love that he's so strong . . . keep fighting, little kicker-boy!

not2brightGRAM said...

Stand up, sit down, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, Ewan!

terri said...

LOVE the diagram! and i love that his kid is a fighter. just like his mama.

Jill said...

I can totally relate, except Joshua does summersaults. Literally. I look down and my belly is straight up and down, then I look down again and it looks like i've swollowed a whole watermelon and it's laying sideways in my belly. He literally flips over and I can see my belly morph into a new shape and size....and it HURTS! I've never in both of my other pregnancies, had a child move as much as this.

And your mom is totally right. My first baby, Caleb, was pretty relaxed until music started playing. Then he would start dancing in there. He still to this day will bust a move to any music that is being played.

Hannah on the other hand, was pretty calm and laid back. She also is still very much a calm child.

Joshua is going to be a strong and wild child.

I love seeing their little personalities blossom. It is amazing what you can tell while them are in the womb! :o)

Jill said...

Hey, a mom found me through another heart mama's blog and her 3 year old son has ToF. He's doing wonderfully and is cute as a button! I just wanted to give you her blog address in case you wanted to make contact with her! :o)

Her name is Jen and her blog is http://thehuegelfamily.blogspot.com

Hope you are doing well!

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope just seeing Andrew can help give you encouragement! I read back through your posts, and it sounds like Ewan is pretty fiesty, too! Andrew was so active during my pregnancy, and I held onto that hope the whole time. I knew he'd be okay, and he was. He fought through his first surgery at 6 days old. (He was also born premature and only weighed 4 lbs at his surgery). His heart was fully repaired at 7 months. Since then he's struggled with small pulmonary arteries and has had several cardiac cath procedures to place stents to widen the PA's. We are currently waiting on his 3rd surgery- which keeps getting put off because he's doing so well!
He is still as fiesty as he was inside me! I love it. His spunk is what got him through his rough start in life. I'm glad to hear Ewan has that same spunk. :)

We have a carepage link on my blog's sidebar, if you're interested in checking it out. I started the care page right before his full repair surgery. You just have to sign in with your email and create a password but it's easy. It might give you some insight to what the first year is like. It is rough, but very rewarding and you will get through it.

I'll be praying for sweet Ewan! I signed up to follow his journey!