22 August 2010

In case you were wondering ...

This to be filed under "Funny/stupid things have said to/about me as a pregnant woman."

I hope you don't mind if I just share a funny story. I learned something last night about the difference between me and a pregnant bovine. 

Allow me to elaborate.

James and I went out for Chinese food last night. The woman who seated us was very young and highly animated and noticed that I was (quite obviously) pregnant. She ooh-ed and aah-ed and asked when we were expecting our little bean.

"October 5," I told her. More oohs and aahs and general excitement and then she walked away.

After our food arrived, she came by our table to ask us how things were (if you're ever in Issaquah and stop by Mandarin Garden, let me say: the chicken and green beans is very good). We told her our food was very good and she asked more about the baby: what we were having, and if we were taking any kind of birthing classes. We told her that our classes had started the week prior.

She said how good that was, because you never know what could happen when you're having a baby. This is where James began to explain his prior farm work, and how he had helped deliver over 300 baby calves. He once joked with our doctor and now with our hostess friend that he could quite ably assist in the delivery room given this prior experience.

Our hostess friend became very excited and said, "Oh yes, because you've helped deliver baby cows!!" She went on to say how very cute baby cows were.

After this, she walked away.

When she came back again to check on us, she looked at James and said: "You know, your wife is going to be different than a cow because she has two legs and a cow has four!"

Uh, gee ... thanks. All that time to think about it, and the main difference between me and pregnant cow is the number of legs.

Yeah ... ;o)


Lisa said...

ah Kirsten! I'm not sure anyone I know has collected quite the number of stories like this and random comments as you :)

HennHouse said...


Such funny encounters when you're pregnant!

Sarah said...

Wow. And I thought I had it bad with two people in one weekend informing me that my 7 month old looks like a 5 month old. Sheesh!

Stefenie said...

Too funny! Love the baby bump pic!

Nadine said...

Just in case he wasn't aware, lol...how nice of her to clear that up ;0)

Erika said...

Ok, that is just hilarious!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story!! I needed a good laugh today!