31 December 2010


What a year it's been.

January 25, 2010 :: We find out we're having a baby.

It has spanned both the heights of joy and the depths of sorrow. Any time I'm tempted to think it was all horrible, I remember the face of that sweet baby boy and how he was mine for a little while.

 My goodness, how inseparable beauty and pain are sometimes!

I don't even know what to hope for in the coming year. No doubt it will bring its own challenges, but I sure hope it won't hurt quite so much as the events of this year did. I hope the coming year is gentle with us. Quite frankly, I hope we get a little bit of a break from the gauntlet that was 2010.

And I hope that we will laugh and smile again -- or at least more often.

Photo by Jen Fox Photography

Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2011. Wishing you peace, hope, and much love.