24 August 2011

The Belly Report :: 20 Weeks Pregnant

Drumroll, please!! We have officially arrived at the halfway mark in the pregnancy.

And might I just say: "Holy growing belly, Batman!" This little bean is not so little anymore if I'm any judge. I think it was just about 3 weeks ago I was thinking, Geesh, I barely look pregnant. No mistaking that fact anymore. In fact, I was asked on Monday when checking out at Home Depot if I was sure I wasn't having twins. And so it begins!

When I replied in the affirmative (as in "Yes, I am sure that I am not having twins"), the woman told me, "Well, at least you're sure to have a nice big, healthy baby." I got the twins comment when I was pregnant with Ewan a lot, too -- but he didn't exactly tip the scales at 6 lbs 7 oz.

Sigh. But enough on pregnancy remarks from strangers!

20 weeks!!
20 weeks pregnant!! I sure hope I don't double in size from here.

And just so you can compare these blooming profile shots, check this out. I'm wearing the same top in the 20 week photo that I am in the 17 week photo. Baby growing much?

17 to 20 weeks belly progress
Click to view larger and behold the progression!

I'm excited that our first midwife appointment is this coming Monday! Soon after that, we should be able to set an appointment for our first ultrasound and hopefully, set our minds at ease that Ewan's little sibling is in all respects as healthy as can be (which really is my primary concern). And of course, we can find out if we can call baby's wardrobe good for the first year or so (we have boy clothes coming out our ears!), or if we need to go shopping for dresses and bows and ruffles and tights and sweet little girlie things. I have to admit, I've already indulged a little bit in that area.

Okay, okay ... hold that part about "a little bit."

baby girl clothes
Just in case, right? Never hurts to be prepared!

As far as how I've been feeling goes, I've been pretty set in a good workout routine for the past two or three weeks which is really helping me feel healthy and energetic. I do a prenatal yoga video at home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I do strength training and cardio at the gym. I love the variety and find I feel best with a balance of both. Between this routine and the unpacking and housework and going for walks, I feel like I'm in great shape!

I should also mention that I'm completely obsessed with working on the baby's room. I've had to get up in the morning and write down for myself what I intend to accomplish during the day so that I don't go and just move things around in the baby's room that are perfectly fine where they are. Until I started making these lists, other areas of the house went sorely neglected.

I know I've already shared a few photos of it, but what's a few more, right? I have done a bit more since the last time I shared ...


For awhile there wasn't anything hanging right above the crib, and I felt like it needed something there. I had two of these large gilded frames from Michael's (they're pretty reasonably priced if you get them at 50% off, which I think they are most of the time) that I used for props when doing photoshoots. Since they were identical and I knew I wouldn't miss the use of one, I took a ribbon I had leftover from a baby shower gift, nailed it to the back, put some binder clips on the ribbon, and voila! -- a creative way to display photos and mementos above the baby's bed. I'm not normally much of a DIY or crafty type of gal, but sometimes I do get the odd inspiration.

nursery side-by-side
nursery details

There are more details about the room I'd like to go into more -- there are so many little pieces that have so much meaning to us -- but I think that will do for now (I've got to get back to that list), and save some for another time. I hope you all have a great week!

* kirsten