21 August 2011

So ... when is the ultrasound?

As we near the 20 week mark, I've gotten a lot of questions lately from people wondering what a lot of you are probably wondering ...

When do we find out if Baby Petermann is a boy or a girl? 
team pink or team blue??

The short answer is: We don't know yet. I know, I know. It's driving us nuts, too!!

Our first official appointment with the midwife is Monday, August 29 (the meeting we had with her a few weeks ago was a free consultation), at which point I will beg to be referred for the soonest possible ultrasound. So that translates -- I'm guessing -- to early September.

Once we find out the date, we plan on letting our families know the date and time of the appointment, but otherwise plan on holding that particular detail close to our vests. I'm not going to announce the date of the ultrasound on Facebook or the blog for a few reasons:

  • I don't want anyone to worry if we don't announce anything right after our appointment.
  • I'm going to be anxious enough that day (being mostly concerned about finding out we've got an otherwise whole and healthy child, and about heart health in particular), and I just don't want to have a reason to put any extra pressure on myself. I don't know if this makes sense at all, but I think feeling able to take our time with the news will help me to remain more relaxed.
  • After that ultrasound appointment, we'll need time to tell our families (and I'll warn you: James has a big one) and, I'm guessing, to take a deep breath and soak in whatever we've learned (and hopefully that's the news that we have a healthy baby).
  • I want to do the announcement in a really fun way, and this will give me some of the time I'll need to do that. ;o)

Please believe that we are at least as excited to find out as you are, and we are excited about letting you know as soon as possible!!

I will be launching a voting bar on the blog in a day or two where you can cast your vote if you think Baby Petermann is on Team Pink or Team Blue. I will provide some details comparing the two pregnancies when the polls open if that will help inform your choice.

And then ... let the voting begin!! :o)