22 August 2011

Let the voting begin!

team pink or team blue

As you can see, I've installed a voting tool in the sidebar on the left so you can cast your vote if Baby Petermann is on Team Pink or Team Blue. I know a number of people who have a strong feeling already, but if you don't, perhaps a comparison of the two pregnancies will help.

Pregnancy with Ewan:
* Nausea: Started at about 6 weeks and lasted until about 20 weeks. Nausea/vomiting was intermittent (not every day), 1-2x per day.
* Cravings: Salty/sour foods, especially & vinegar potato chips, spaghetti
* Aversions: Coffee, chocolate, sweets, cooked mushrooms

25 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant with Ewan

Pregnancy with Baby #2:
* Nausea: Started at about 6 weeks and lasted until about 13.5 weeks. Nausea/vomiting/dry heaving every single day, approximately 2-5 times a day
* Cravings: Vietnamese food, frozen yogurt, sweet treats
* Aversions: Sour (vinegary foods, citrus), potato chips, anything greasy

19 wks + 4 days
19 weeks + 4 days with Baby #2 (growth spurt, anyone??)
See the 19 weeks pregnant photo

So ... there you are. You know what they say: Vote early, vote often! The poll will be open until 5 pm (EST) on Monday, September 5.