14 September 2011

The Belly Report :: 23 Weeks Pregnant

Well. And today we see why this is called "The Belly Report." I feel like a hippopotamus! Or as James likes to say, "You're busting out with girlish pride."

Or something like that.

23 weeks pregnant
23 weeks pregnant with one (human) baby

I know, right?!

And since I'm in somewhat of a self-deprecating mood today, here are a few outtakes from today's photo shoot. James' own version of Beyonce goes something like this: "All the Kirsten ladies" or alternately, "All the pregnant ladies," and then "If you like it then you should-a put a baby in it ..." which he was singing while taking my picture.

23 weeks outtakes
"Are you sure it's not twins?" "Are you sure you've got a January baby in there? Looks more like October."

more 23 weeks outtakes
My deepest, sincerest apologies to Beyonce (who inspired these moves)

Strangers here seems to be a lot kinder. Or maybe it's just that they know to keep quiet instead of coming up to me and saying, "You must be due any day now, right?" or, "What are you doing at the gym? Shouldn't you be in the hospital pushing?!" It might also have something to do with the fact that I'm not out in public quite as much. Either way, it's nice not to have to deal with unsolicited comments of a size-oriented nature. 

Since we're on the topic, here's the thing about me and belly size. I'm not built like a Russian supermodel, but neither do I seem (so far) to produce particularly big babies. Ewan was born at 37-1/2 weeks and weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 18.5" long. He was in the 50th percentile for all his measurements when he was born except for that great big noggin of his which was in the 90th percentile (we can thank my side of the family for that particular trait). But for the most part, he was pretty average in terms of his size. (And off the charts when it comes to cuteness. I'm just sayin'). When it comes to this pregnancy, (and I know ultrasound measurements can be off) Austen is measuring in the 55th percentile in size for her gestational age, with the exception of some long legs (a trait not from my side of the family) that are a couple weeks ahead of that.

I might have a smallish-to-average sized body frame (which is likely something of a factor), but I think the main culprit is being short in the waist, on top of which I'm the type of person that you can't really tell is pregnant from behind (take my word for it) -- the belly sticks straight out, having nowhere else to go. And on top of which this is my second pregnancy in less than two years. So yes, it looks to some people like I'm carrying a woolly mammoth. Or a baby elephant. Or triplets. What can I say? We can't all look like Gisele Bundchen when we're with child.

In other belly-related news, I'm feeling miss Austen move and kick A LOT more. I feel and see her kicks and squirms on a regular basis now. It is so much fun -- this is easily one of my favorite parts of being pregnant -- and it delights me to watch her move around like she does. What a personality! I can't wait to meet her.

Aaaaand ... I've added just a few fun little Austen-y details to the nursery. Okay, okay you've twisted my arm! I'll show you  ...

"a" is for austen
I hung the wooden letter "A" inside the frame, and added the ultrasound picture of her little feet.
little miss austen's room wouldn't be complete without it!
Austen's room must have a copy of Jane Austen in it! This volume used to belong to James' grandmother.
both my babies
Pictures of both my babies

I've barely made any progress in this room or any others over the last couple of weeks. Day-to-day things seem to have taken over, on top of which this belly growth has me needing to lie down with a large collection of pillows more frequently (as of last night, I am up to six). Make no mistake, as fun as it is, growing people is hard work!

I hope you all are having a great week! The photo reflection series leading up to Ewan's birthday on Sunday will resume tomorrow.