21 September 2011

The Belly Report :: 24 Weeks Pregnant

The post that might otherwise be known as: How Big is She Now?

And here's your answer:

24 weeks pregnant

Well. I don't know if I look any bigger than I did last week. I'm guessing that I am. But I don't feel a lot bigger. And over the past 6 weeks, I definitely felt the change -- in my hips, my back, my belly. Oooh, boy ... did I feel it!! But this week, I am happy to say that I do not yet feel as though I've attained the size of a dwarf planet. Thank goodness for small miracles. ;o)

Either way, Austen is growing, hiccuping, kicking, rolling, body-slamming, punching, and sometimes I think she even rests. It's just never at the same time that I need to. Little girl doesn't seem to sit still too much! Takes after her mom that way -- I better watch out.

The pregnancy websites tell me she's about as long as an ear of corn now, weighs in at just over a pound, and will be packing on that adorable baby chub soon. That's a good thing. We definitely want some luscious baby fat to squeeze and kiss and love!

In other news, I finally got myself to a good chiropractor (I'm not going to write more than what's contained in these parentheses about the bad one I went to about a month ago -- the one that not-so-indirectly accused me of being responsible for Ewan's heart defect. Everyone's an expert, eh?) and got adjusted this morning. My back is feeling so much better!! I've always had a fairly high tolerance for pain, so I didn't think I was feeling terribly uncomfortable -- but my goodness, I'm feeling AMAZING after getting my first adjustment in about three and a half months. Nice.

I'm still keeping up on my yoga/gym routine (alternating between the two for six days a week and taking one day of rest), still eating healthy except for when I occasionally snag a handful of chocolate chips, and still getting up some mornings at 3 am not able to go back to sleep. At least with today's insomnia (after giving up on trying to get back to sleep at about 5:30 am), I was able to get in two loads of laundry, make some homemade granola, empty the dishwasher, and catch up on some blog reading -- and all by 8 am. Here's to hoping a nap will make it in later sometime today.

Yeah, right.

Until next week, then!! Happy Wednesday to all.