26 October 2011

The Belly Report :: 29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant. What the ... ?!

I know the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy will probably go by too slowly, but for now they just keep whizzing by! Nearly to the end of October, we're really not too far away from getting to meet our baby girl who, by the way, is still growing, kicking, and reminding her mama at every opportunity just how feisty she is.

29 weeks pregnant

And just for comparison's sake, remember what I looked like 10 weeks ago??

19 weeks and 29 weeks comparison

We had our most recent midwife appointment on Monday and everything is great! No concerns (or need for more extensive testing) with my the gestational diabetes test, another month of modest weight gain (3 additional pounds for the past month, putting me at a grand total of 21 for the pregnancy), and still measuring exactly on track for one baby. Did you hear that, lady who thought I must be having triplets? I am measuring normally for having one baby! It's so nice to have that one up my sleeve in the event I need it. :o)

Since we're officially into the third trimester now, that means we're on to every other week appointments with the midwife. This made me realize even more how little time we have left until the due date! We've still got so much to do at the house and so many things we need to figure out before she comes. I'm checking on referrals for a pediatrician and we're gearing up for a baby shower in early December, though baby girl has been getting some really fabulous (and incredibly cute) things from friends and family lately. It's so exciting to open the boxes and packages that arrive at our door and see the sweet treats people are sending for her. One thing is for sure -- this kid is going to be decked out! It's so amazing to see just how many people really want to celebrate her with us and are just about excited about meeting her as we are.

I will share photos of more as the pregnancy progresses (because it is too cute not to share), but I thought I'd share just a couple of things baby girl has been gifted with so far.

for baby legs
To adorn the legs that love to kick!

for baby feet
For those dancing feet!

Thanks to everyone (really, truly) for celebrating her with us. It's special to all of us that you care so much! And I'll definitely show off more in future posts. :o)

Oh, and you know those pillows I mentioned in last week's belly update? My chiropractor has noticed a huge difference! When I went for my appointment yesterday, there was barely anything at all for her to adjust, and my pelvis (which had previously kept getting incredibly torqued out of place, making one leg a bit shorter than the other) has stayed in place for the second visit in a row. Yeehaw! She said to keep doing whatever I am doing. Will do, since my back is feeling so much better (and we love saving on those $20 co-pays)!

And I just have to mention that the gym is one of my favorite (and most positive) places to be right now. When I went last week, one of the staff mentioned how hard he always sees me working when I'm there. And just yesterday, another member who is expecting his first grandchild (also due in January) applauded me for continuing to exercise like I am, knowing that it's not only good for me, but the baby as well. He said his daughter thinks of pregnancy like a sickness and as a result, doesn't really exercise. If I'm going to get comments on the belly, those kinds are the ones on which I'd like to focus!

I think that's all we have for now! See you all next week. :o)