27 October 2011


In these last couple of months especially, I feel like a community has been building. Connected by a blog, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends and family have gathered in an online Facebook community. We've been discussing together, grieving together, and remembering together. We've been helping and praying for each other. We've been asking each other questions. We've been sharing resources, celebrating victories, and mourning losses.

The Team Ewan Community on Facebook has become a place where all of these things happen. In recent days especially, I've seen a surge of people posting links, requests for prayer, asking for input from those with experience in something. It's been amazing and so, so good to watch.

I just wanted to say: keep doing it, just like you have been -- with respect for reach other and relevance to the things that have brought us together. Let us know about a mom who needs our help. Post a link to a good article that you think we should read -- one that inspires, one that tells it like it is (or both), or one that makes us all weep. Ask for expertise, resources, experience -- one thing I've learned already is that we've got moms in this group whose experience runs the gamut! Share your story. Remember the little ones you've lost with us. This community has proven time and again how supportive they are and how very much  they care.

I can't tell you how much it thrills me that many of you have already found that Team Ewan is a place where you can do, share, ask, and talk about these things. You never needed an invitation from me to do it, but now that I've seen it happen, I just want to say: keep it up. This is not my page, but our page.

I think we're making Ewan proud.