05 November 2011

Baby Pool!!

I know my due date is 10 weeks out yet (well, technically it's 9 weeks and 4 days now, but who's counting, really??), but I thought I'd get this started now. The holidays are soon upon us (what?!) and with Austen's due date being just after the new year, I figured if I was going to ask people to guess, now would be a good time to open it up.

I've seen a number of people do baby pools, but with all the variables in people's guesses (date, time, length, weight, etc.), I didn't know how to figure out who was actually the closest. Like, if someone was 2 inches off in length and an ounce off in guessing the weight, and someone else was right in the length and four ounces off in the weight, but all the other details were correct, then how do you guess who's closest?

(Is it weird that I actually care about these things?!)

baby pool

So I found a website that does it for us. Bebepool.com allows the user to select the variables for the pool (you can even include hair color, eye color, etc.) and provides an easy way for guessers to submit their guesses. Once the baby's actual stats are entered, it will automatically calculate who the winner is. Nice and easy!

baby pool2
Looks like Auntie Kaari already has her guess in!!

I haven't decided if there will be any prizes yet, but we've definitely got the time to figure all of that out. I see no reason to set a deadline -- I figure once baby girl arrives and we have her actual stats is when the pool will close. But like I said -- with the holidays coming up, and her due date close on the heels of the close of the holiday season, I figured I'd open it up now.

So here's the link: go to bebepool.com/mamaewan to submit your votes!! I will add some kind of badge or sidebar link for easy access in the future (so you don't have to go digging for this post if you want to withhold your guess until the actual due date gets closer).

Happy guessing!!