01 November 2011


It takes my breath away.

I noticed this for the very first time this past Sunday night, how similar these two photos are. We were unloading a box that had a folder of photos in it. In that folder, I saw both of these photos and looked at them together for the first time.

Two different photographers. Two very different moments. Life at its beginning, and again at its end.


And I still don't know what to say about it. I don't know if there is anything I can say about it. I can just sit and stare at them, wondering at the fact that these parallel moments were captured with such similarity: me holding Ewan, James pressing his head to mine. Holding me.

Family photos. Saying hello. Saying goodbye. Each a mirror image of the other.

Eyes prick with tears and a painful lump rises at the back of my throat. Looking at these side by side for the first time strikes me as both eerie and holy and ... well, impossible.

But there they are.

And there is nothing I can say.