02 November 2011

The Belly Report :: 30 Weeks Pregnant

And here we are already at 30 weeks!!

30 weeks means there are 70 days left until my due date, by which time (if you ask the little old lady named Edna at the grocery store down the street) I will surely be the size of a planet. No really, this is hilarious. Oh honey, she tells me late last week. By that time, you will be SO HUGE and having a 9 or 10 pound baby for SURE! What made this particular exchange even funnier for me is that when I shared with her that I received similar comments with my previous pregnancy and ended up with a 6 lb 7 oz baby (born 2-1/2 weeks before his due date, but still), she said That's not right! Funny thing, I don't remember her being there when Ewan was born ....

30 weeks pregnant

I won't lie. I love my belly -- not quite as much as I love the little girl in it, of course -- who by the way is making her mama yell "Ow!!" with her kicking from time to time (particularly at night). I know I tell you every week how active she is, but seriously! She has her days where she's a tad more relaxed than others (as in, instead of kicking, nudging, or stretching 50 times an hour, it's more like 20-30), but for the most part the amount of energy in this child is crazy! She's going to be a lot of fun, I can tell.

In other news, I am in full on nesting mode. I've been making a lot of progress in getting things more organized and tidied up at the house. I've managed to eliminate the bulk of all our DVD cases, putting all the DVDs in a folder instead. The sun room has gotten a lot of attention lately too. A little less than 3 months ago, it looked like this:

unpacking leftovers

It didn't get a whole lot better for quite awhile. I managed to remove all of the broken-down cardboard, recycled the packing paper (which I could have sworn was multiplying in there), and unpacked just a few more of the boxes in there in the weeks after that. But it wasn't until this past weekend that we finally got it cleaned up and ready for something to happen in there.


I've got big plans for this room including replacing those dark blinds with white curtains. I've also got a couple of hanging paper lanterns on the way to lighten it up in there a bit, and we're scouring Craigslist and other places for good deals on suitable furniture (I'm thinking a chaise or easy chair and a bookshelf). I'd also like to get a few plants in there to bring in some color since the stuccoed walls aren't good for hanging picures. I just want it to be simple, but comfortable and now that it's cooled off, to be able to use it every now and then.

Other than that, things are humming right along! I can't believe that it's already time to go back to the midwife next week (Monday). I'm keeping up on my fitness routine (alternating days at the gym with days at home doing a prenatal yoga video, and on Sundays, James and I typically go for a walk), and miss Austen is keeping busy moving and growing in there. Ewan was no slouch at all in the activity department, but I think his little sister is even MORE active. My only complaint (other than the occasional bout of feeling like my child is working out her Chuck Norris DNA) is sleep deprivation. I'll wake up around 5 or so in the morning many mornings not the least bit uncomfortable, still tired, not worried about anything -- just unable to sleep. It's the weirdest thing.

Speaking of which ... yawn. And Austen says to say "hello" and that she will see you soon!!