21 December 2011

The Belly Report :: 37 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the sweet little place I like to call FULL TERM!!

37 weeks pregnant
37 weeks pregnant, baby!!

The due date may be three weeks away, but (for those of you not immersed in the world of baby-making lingo) today begins the span of time in which a baby can arrive prior to his or her due date and not be considered premature. All systems are GO. Woot woot!! We shall see if Miss Austen Brielle takes after her brother and wants to make an early entry, or if she's going to cozy up inside for the long haul and make us all wait impatiently for her arrival.

I saw the midwife on Monday and things are humming right along and gearing up for the big day. I'm measuring a centimeter ahead (at 38 weeks) and the total pregnancy weight gain is at 28.5 pounds (I think that's 3.0 pounds more than the last time I was weighed two weeks ago), BP is fabulous, baby's heart rate is skipping right along -- but the little stinker (oh, she is SO my child!!) moved out of her ideal birth position and back to the right side. It's a battle of the wills now and I'm going to do everything I can to spin that baby back into the ideal position (with the idea of making labor a bit easier, more efficient, and without the hideous back labor I had with Ewan).

37 weeks belly

Not a whole lot exciting going on here -- my workout routine has pretty well fizzled out. I've been fighting a cold (ugh) (and with that sinus congestion and phlegm comes severely shortened nights of sleep since it's hard to breathe) and besides that, I feel like the everyday work I do around the house is physical exertion enough right now. The rate at which I find myself dropping things and needing to pick them up is, in and of itself, a really great workout. And by the way, the belly support belt I got has been helping me out tremendously as far as my comfort level walking around goes, so that is one investment that was well worth it!!

So ... the clock is ticking. If you still want to cast your vote in the baby pool, click on the icon at the top of the left-hand sidebar. In the meantime, I'm going to get some rest while I can (thank goodness this cold is on its way OUT), and get the house ready to have a baby in it. So excited!!