04 January 2012

The Belly Report :: 39 Weeks Pregnant

Yep. 39 weeks. Here we are folks!!

39 weeks pregnant

The good news is that there are an increasing number of signs (about which I will remain mum, because as open as I am, even I am able to recognize when I am entering TMI territory) indicating that we're very, very close to having a baby around here. Here's to hoping there's no need for a Belly Report update next week. :o)

At this week's appointment, I was measuring 40 weeks, was at a total of 31 pounds of weight gain for the pregnancy, had a beautiful B/P, and found that baby girl is in a great position to be born. Her heart rate was hanging out in the 130s which may (hopefully? maybe? perhaps?) be one of several indications that we're ready to see some action somewhere in the vicinity of soon-ish. She's still pretty darn active (if you haven't yet, I suggest seeing the video I posted in the last post to see what I mean by "very active") which, at this size, I'm really feeling. I wonder what she's going to use those legs for once she's big enough? Kung fu? The Tour de France?

39 weeks pregnant
Mama NOT actually in labor.

Any day now, baby girl -- any day now. There's so much more room to stretch and kick out here!!

The Petermann house is in a perpetual state of readiness these days. Baby blankets and clothes have been laundered. All the necessary supplies are ready to be used. The bathrooms are clean, the carpets are freshly vacuumed, and I've got a meal or two that is ready to go for afterward.

Every day, I wake up saying: Today would be a great day to have a baby.

One of these days, I'll be right.

Tick tock, tick tock ...

P. S. Oh, and just a little reminder that we will announce our big news 1) When we have big news to announce, and 2) When we are good and ready to announce it. Feel free to check in on us if you will, but I won't be announcing when I'm in labor, and I won't be responding to inquiries asking me if I am or if she's here yet. Thanks again for respecting what this time means to us!!