14 February 2012

All you need is love (but in our humble opinion, a few accessories can't hurt).

happ valentine's day
Happy Valentine's Day!!

happ valentine's day
Love her!

This little girl is teaching me about love: when she cries and screams and won't be soothed. When she spits up and soaks her outfit and mine for the third or fourth time that day. When she pees on her socks. When I haven't changed my clothes in days and my shirt is soaked in breastmilk.

When she smiles. When she nuzzles closer to me in her sleep. When she sleeps so innocently, curling and uncurling her fingers. When she talks as she eats. When she falls off the breast, drunk on milk.

I know I'm not learning anything new in the history of the universe -- this love has been known over and over again which explains, perhaps, why any of us are here. It may not be new, but it is turning me inside out.