27 April 2012

I don't think I can let them go home now.

I don't know that our time together with Nana and Auntie meeting Austen for the first time has been any more surreal than for any other family who hasn't experienced the loss of the child.

But "surreal" is a word we're using a lot.

nana & auntie visit

Austen (normally a quite contented and happy baby) is as happy as I've ever seen her with all the attention she's getting: the arms willing to hold her, rock her, help her stand. I can see just how very much she knows she is loved.

nana & auntie visit
Austie sandwich!!

I have these visions of my parents and my sister being here (my Dad isn't here now because he's still recovering from some back surgery he had in February) -- of us all living in a big house together and a couple of younger siblings for Austen yet to come.

It could happen one day.

nana & auntie visit
There's nothing quite like snuggling and falling asleep with your Nana.

But for now, we are soaking in every waking minute together, willing our remaining time together to  last just a little bit longer yet.

nana & auntie visit
Don't you feel sorry for this baby girl?! ;o)
nana & auntie visit
Two peas in a pod
nana & auntie visit
Oh, these three!