01 May 2012

It went by far too quickly.

About four years ago, I wrote a poem called "The Art of Map Folding." In it, I describe how I wish that simply by folding a map, I could bring together in reality two points separated by too many miles.

I've never wanted to fold a map like that more, to bypass those 3,500 miles or so altogether so my family are neighbors. I hate that there are so many miles between us.

This week has been so wonderful. We saw no sights, and we didn't really do anything exciting -- a couple of trips to Costco, one to Target. They helped clean my kitchen, organize our office. They held Austen when I was cooking and when she was crying. I am going to miss their help, and I'm sure Austen is going to miss her Nana and auntie.

It's pretty clear she loves them. And boy, do they love her!

Here are a few favorite pictures from our week ... (and here's to hoping that one day, we can close the distance between us).

family photoshoot
Kaari took some family pics for us!
kiss sandwich!
Austen looks unsure about being at the center of this kissy sandwich.
3 generatons!
Oh, LOVE!!
nana & auntie visit
It's amazing Austen has any cheeks left!
auntie kaari is so cool!
Auntie Kaari is SO much fun! 
Until we meet again ...