11 November 2012

Be here now.

Every time I see how long it's been since I posted, I can't believe how long it's been. A month!? Geesh. It's a worn out but true cliche: time flies when you're having fun. There are a lot of reasons for once-monthly postings, most of them probably fairly self-explanatory (I'm tired, we're busy, she's crawling now like she's training for the Indy 500, etc.). There are others too -- privacy concerns (I've had photos stolen ... UGH), wanting to protect her as much as I can, questions I'm asking myself about how I share my life and my child's life via social media.



She's almost 10 months old. Crawling everywhere, trying her darnedest to stand, squealing like a banshee in the bathtub. She's loves swinging (the higher the better), and pretends not to love every minute of it when we play Mama's favorite game, which doesn't really have a name, but involves her laying on her tummy and me kissing her everywhere. She lights up when her daddy walks through the door, bounces and spins and giggles in the doorway jumper, and has made a trusty side kick out of the blue triangular piece of her stacker toy. We call it "Old Blue."

We're having so much fun.

Ewan is never far from our thoughts and honestly, he's one reason why I've pulled back as much as I have from social media. I love writing, I love this space, and I love sharing pictures of our life. But as anyone who has parented an infant knows: they grow fast, free time is scarce, and you steal a few moments of sleep if there's even a few minutes of the day that aren't spoken for. He's a continual reminder to be present to her -- to be here now.

She's so delightful.