07 September 2011

The Belly Report :: 22 Weeks Pregnant

Before I show you my basketball of a belly, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the e-mails, notes, and Facebook comments regarding our recently announced happy news!! If there's anything at all better than having good news, it's getting to share it -- especially with people who have been with you through the worst news. I do hope to do more vlogs in the future (now that I know what I'm doing) since that is a really fun and more personal way to connect.

Oh yeah, and one more thing that I just can't get off my mind ... HEALTHY BABY GIRL!! Yeay!!

girl name

I mentioned in the video that I've been holding on to this name since college, long before I was married and long before naming children was in my immediate future. My bachelor's degree is in English Lit, but it didn't take that to be smitten with all things Jane Austen (she's just so brilliant and sharp and witty and feminine and wonderful). I really hoped then that if I ever married and had children, that my husband wouldn't think this was too weird a name for a girl, so the fact that James loves it too is just another way for me to know I definitely married the right man! (Which I would still think even if he didn't love it. But having disagreed frequently enough over boy names, it was nice to come to agreement on our girl name so very easily, especially one to which I was so attached.)

And now, here's the belly. Can you believe that (assuming I go a full 40 weeks) I have 18 weeks left?! I wasn't um ... quite so convex at 22 weeks with Ewan. I guess that's what happens with second babies, especially ones this close together. Assuming this little one arrives on or around her due date, Ewan and Austen will be born a little less than 16 months apart.

22 weeks diptych

There's not a whole lot to add beyond this, except to say that this little girl seems to love 3 am. Out of the last seven mornings, she's woken me up six of them with her kicking at right about the same time. And true to Austen-ian form, they're not little flutters, but nice, strong kicks. I feel her throughout the day of course, but 3 am is when she really goes for it. I totally love feeling her rolls and kicks, getting a good sense of her activity, and knowing that she's doing well ... but I would love to get some more sleep! Mama has a lot to do before little Austen comes, and the mama also knows she's not going to be getting much sleep from there on out.

Sigh. It's a happy burden to bear, truly. I love being pregnant. But I really could use a nap!