15 October 2011

Say Their Names :: 2011

Today, we remember together.

Today, we say their names out loud.

Because they were here. Because they ARE here. Because they are loved. 

Because they matter.

Because our hearts broke when they left us.

Because we cannot and will not forget, even if the rest of the world does --
even if the rest of the world acts as though they were never here.

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A brief disclaimer:
For organizational purposes, children's names or remembrances are said aloud in alphabetical order by first name, or by the first word of how they were submitted. This means in some cases that your submission will be under "B" for "Baby" and your last name, "M" for "Miscarriage", etc. This also means that some families with multiple losses submitted can expect to hear their children's names spoken at different points in the video. To see the order in which names are spoken, see the list below. Links have been included when provided in the comments.

We Remember:
Abigail Renee Moothart
Abree Faith
Addison Leah Sheppard
Aimee Isabel Greene
Alexis Jade Holliday
Alianna Raquel Trujillo
Alice Marie Kluge
Amanda Gabrielle Mendez
Amanda Maxine
Annie Grace Sabin
Ayden Simon Peterson
Baby Bestgen
Baby Carr
Baby Carr
Baby Cook
Baby Crenshaw
Baby Crenshaw
Baby Egan
Baby Enzor
Baby Felmley
Baby Gabriel Bonnett
Baby Goble
Baby Greene
Baby Hagen
Baby Harrison
Baby Harrison
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Holliday
Baby Hope
Baby Krug
Baby Krug
Baby Krug
Baby Lansford
Baby Lansford
Baby Lawlor
Baby Matthew John
Baby Nahas
Baby Pearson
Baby Ransym Bonnett
Baby Reenders
Baby Rivers
Baby Rochelle
Baby S
Baby Sanders
Baby Schappell
Baby Shaffer
Baby Smelser
Baby Smelser
Baby Thomison
Baby Thornton
Baby Twins DuChien
Baby Viergutz
Baby Williams
Baby Williams
Baby Wilson
Baby Wilson
Benjamin Friel
Benjamin James
Benjamin Joseph Moothart
Beth McCormick
'Blueberry' Sardegna
Brandon Ty Garner
Brantley McNeil
Brenna McNeil
Briella Elisa Rocha
Brody Michael Lukehart
Brooke Friel
Brylea Marie Branham
Camille Katoch
Campbell James Dronen
Carlin Hedrick
Chance Odin
Charlotte Jean Loeser
Chavonne Larue
Christina Dahlia Lopez-Shafer
Colin Hunter Brown
Dallas Caldwell
Daniel Robert
Daniel TR Vidins
David James
Denise Rochelle
Donald (Donny) Beatty Leavitt
Dorothy Ann Carr
Duane Schultz Jr
Elianna Sofia Essery
Elijah Christopher Lovelace
Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Lynn
Elizabeth Mae
Emma Abigail Dronen
Emma Eiliyah
Emma Frances Mackey
Ethan Richard Reid
Eva Grace
Evan Riley Davies
Fred Bestgen
Gabriel Elijah Stoltzfus
Garrett Lee
Gideon Michael
Harlow Elizabeth Schaefer
Harper Michaela
Hayden Neal
Hezekiah Samuel Risner
Hunter Johnson
Immaculee Michelle
Isabella Ann Marie Gilman
Jacob Allen
James Matthew Mannix
Jaron Larue
Jeremy Ryan Wilson
Jesse Harding
Jessica Denise Tumminello 
Jordan Gabe
Jordan Riley Tumminello
Jordan Yvanovich
Joshua Haskins
Joy Stringfellow
Julia Rose Davies
Katelyn Rose
Katrina Suzanna Masulla
Kristina Faith Page
Lael Kluge
Leah Faith Kaler 
Little One
Logan Shaffer
Loved One 2004
Loved Two 2010
Loved Three 2011
Lucy Wright
Luke Aaron Sexton
Mackenzie Grace Bryan
Madelyn Rose Sage-Lauck
Maggie Elizabeth or Tomas Carmelo
Mary Wright
Matthew David Long
Matthew Ross Beach
Matthew Salvas
Miscarriage @ 5 weeks
Miscarriage @ 6 weeks
Monica Sue Faifer
My Two Angels
Natasha Anastasia Forgie
Nicholas O
Parker Kennedy Nahas
Quirt Otis
Rachel Campbell Smith
Randy Jay Dickhausen.
Rebekah Kay
Robert Emmanuel Moothart
Rory Mae
Rosalynn Ashbrook
Rowan Steppe-Viergutz
Ryan Friel 
Salina Faith Johnson
Samuel Stringfellow
Sara Elizabeth Moothart
Sarah Beatrice
Sawyer Patick
Sean Robert
Seth Douglas Bonnett
Snowflake Baby Wright
Snowflake Baby Wright
Snowflake Baby Wright
Solomon Jedidiah Biggs
Sophia Alexis Davies
Sophia Lynn Dumontel
Sophia Marie Mackey
Susan Heartly
Tabitha Grace Risner
Taylor Benjamin Enzor
Taylor Layne Anderson
Teddy James Thomas
Tripp Shelton Taylor
Troy Michael Potts
Vincent Elias Johnson
Zachary Logan Hagin

Not included in the video:
Parker Phoenix
Baby Noah Doblar
Baby Doblar
Angel Unaware