18 November 2011

Hope Changes Everything.

Dear Team Ewan Friends,

I don't know if you remember me mentioning several months back (shortly after I arrived here in Florida) that I had participated in a project my dear friend Christianne was working on, and that I would share it with you when it was ready.

Well ... it's ready.

And it's beautiful.

hope changes
Click on the image to go to the Hope Changes site

I got my first glimpse of the site this morning, and not only am I bursting with pride at what my friend and her team has accomplished, I was almost instantly moved to tears. There are so many things in life that may threaten to keep us from living fully.

Depression. Anxiety. Doubt. Anger. Guilt. Disappointment. Grief.

You name it. And yet, God can meet us where we're at in each of those places and through them, bring us to a life beyond what we ever could have imagined for ourselves.

That's what this site is about. Victory emerging from the struggle. Hope emerging from the darkness. Walking through the fire and coming to see that Hope Changes Everything.

If you get the chance, please take a look and if so moved, share it with your friends. The video stories you see on there are all real people speaking honestly about their journeys and struggles, and how God met them in those places. You can find our story on the Grief page (of course), but I hope you will not stop there.

I'm so thrilled to share this with you.